15 Best Outdoor Activities in Dubai

Dubai is defined by opulence; a place where you can spend your money in pursuit of everything that is loaded with luxury. The huge malls where you can shop for all the well-known international brands, the restaurants that serve the most delicious food from around the world, the hotels that will treat you like a royal and the architecture and culture of the place that will leave you awestruck. Apparently, it is not a wonder why Dubai is often acknowledged as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Although the malls and skyscrapers are what define Dubai, they are not the only things you can do in Dubai. Here we present 15 best outdoor activities in Dubai.

Best Outdoor Activities in Dubai

The idea of spending time under the sun is not a very attractive prospect. But there are some amazing outdoor activities in Dubai you can indulge in. Be it for adventure, relaxation or just fun, these outdoor activities can make your trip to Dubai a memorable one.

Desert Safari

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Tips to Save on Hotel Bookings

Planning for your next holiday? A bit of leg work will definitely pay off and enables you to enjoy best deals on your preferred lodging choice. So here are some hot tips to save on hefty accommodation rates.

Hotel Booking Tips

Compare Rates: Shop around the web to compare hotel rates offered by different service providers. You can also browse through travel forums such as TripAdvisorFrommers’ etc to get unbiased reviews on hotels as well as their rates. A highlight of these websites is that they allow you to pour your concerns and queries out to other members thus enabling you to clarify your doubts and make a wise decision.


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