New Year Celebration World Wide

The skies light up in celebration no matter where you are in the world. The New Year festivities are popular no matter whether you are in US, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, the UAE, Singapore or any other place on the globe. Different cultures and traditions mark the celebrations of New Year in several unique and exciting ways. The wonderful experience of experiencing new cultures and backgrounds across various locations is a perfect excuse to travel to your favorite location. So pack your bags and set off to your dream destination to enjoy the festivities of the New Year.

The New Year’s Eve

People enjoy the festivities late on the New Year’s eve until wee hours on New Year’s day in almost every location across the globe. So whether you wish to indulge in the celebrations at New York City’s Times Square or in London’s Trafalgar Square, you would be greeted with happy, cheerful, and a bustling crowd around who are always in high spirits.

Best Places to enjoy the festivities of New Year

  1. The US

One of the classic celebrations in the USA takes place in the city of New York. The festivities are unique right from the ball drop in Times Square to special international multi-cuisine buffets prepared exclusively from the best celebrity chefs in the city. Be a part of the traditional celebrations which include taking a toast with a glass of champagne and creating ripples with a loud countdown at midnight with your friends and loved ones. There are several themed and wild parties thrown at many locations in the US which continue till wee hours in the morning. Some of the best locations to celebrate the new year in the US are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California, Miami beach, Sacramento, and much more. Browse for various locations in the city to enjoy a scrumptious brunch on the New Year served in major restaurants in various cities of the US.

Statue of Liberty USA

Experience the best of the USA

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Most Bizarre Festivals from Around the World

Quite obviously, festivals serve as portholes for tourists to take a peep into the fascinating customs as well as longstanding traditions of a particular place they’re visiting. While majority of them are reverencing and thought-provoking, some festivals that take place in certain parts of the world are bizarrely unusual, downright creepy or even uproarious. So let us have a look on some of the world’s such weird festivals.

1. San Fermin Festival

Tracing back its origin to the Middle Ages, this is a deep-rooted fiesta celebrated annually from July 6th Pamplona to venerate Saint Fermin – a Catholic saint. Aside from a wide assortment of folkloric events, the week-long gala’s focal point is incredibly perilous and vicious Great Bull Run, wherein six bulls hound locals and tourists down
the Pamplona’s narrow streets. Though this event lasts for only a few minutes, it’s quite frantic to see hundreds of overactive people running to escape from a flock of fuming bovines.Spain Running of the Bulls Continue reading