Places to Avoid Travelling in 2017

The New Year is round the corner, and like every year, it brings new hopes and dreams in our lives. Along with all our life plans, one important decision we need to make is our travel plan. There are so many places around the world that life seems to be too short to cover everything. Every new destination is alluring and exciting. However, while making the decision of which places to visit, it is extremely important to know which places we must avoid in 2017.
It is tragic to know that we cannot visit several of the beautiful places in the world due to a variety of reasons. It could be illness, crime, war or even terrorism that makes some of the places downright unsafe for travellers. As safety is one of the most important criteria when it comes to holidaying, here are a few places that would be best avoided in this New Year.

Places to Avoid Travelling in 2017

Turkey is one of the most beautiful European cities and has a rich culture and heritage to boot too. However, the last few years have not been kind to this wonderful country as it has suffered from a number of terrorist attacks, and there is a considerable risk factor involved. One of the main concerns when it comes to Turkey is its close proximity to Syria, which has been under war for several years now. If you still plan to go to Turkey for your holiday this year, it is best to stay away from places close to Syria. Moreover, choose your package carefully although several travellers have reported that their pre-booked travel plans have been cancelled by the tour operators themselves. With so much unrest, Turkey is a country that is best avoided in 2017.

When it comes to natural beauty and cultural experiences, Colombia, a South American country, has quite little competition. However, it is also considered one of the most dangerous countries to travel to. Travellers are at risk of kidnapping for stealing valuables. Although this crime has come down quite considerably, it is still prevalent in several areas of the country, especially in the South. Another problem you will find in Colombia is drug trading, and the last thing you would want to experience during your vacation is to get caught between drug wars. If you still wish to visit this beautiful place of rainforests and such other amazing places, it is best to be a part of a large group, so you can travel safely. Also, make sure not to flaunt your valuables in public as this is the easiest way to attract unwanted attention.

The whole world is under the threat of terrorism in the recent years, and there is no way one can predict the next attack. However, some countries have been unluckier than the others and have been waging war again the biggest vice of our times for several years. One such country is Afghanistan. The Afghanistan which was known for its natural beauty, ethnic diversity and architecture has been compacted with militant attacks, insurgent attacks, military combat operations, etc. Tourists are at great risk of kidnapping, firing, hostage taking, etc., especially the citizens of USA. No place is safe from attack, even airports, hotels and restaurants. With all these problems rampant in Afghanistan on a daily basis, it is best to avoid it under any circumstances.

Another country that has been infested with terrorism is Kenya. Rich in natural reserves and animal kingdom, Kenya has always been a favourite of nature lovers. But the past few years have not been ideal for Kenya due to the attacks by the Al-Shabaab terrorists. Although the entire country cannot be called an unsafe zone, the north-eastern part is best avoided. The terrorist group has known to have attacked government sites, religious institutions, night clubs, police stations, public transportation, shopping areas, etc. Some of the crimes that are rampant in the area are grenade attacks, kidnappings, home invasions, burglaries, etc.

Holidays or vacations are ultimate way of relaxing and taking break from routine lives. While there is no guarantee of 100% safety anywhere in the world, there are some places that are dangerous for obvious reasons. Apart from the places mentioned above, some other places that you should avoid in 2017 are Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Yemen, Bangladesh, etc. These places are shrouded with violence and uncertainty for quite some time now, and hence should not be visited at least for the time being. It is always best to choose locations which is low in crime, has a tight security and good policies for travellers. So, choose your next holiday destination wisely.