New Year Celebration World Wide

The skies light up in celebration no matter where you are in the world. The New Year festivities are popular no matter whether you are in US, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, the UAE, Singapore or any other place on the globe. Different cultures and traditions mark the celebrations of New Year in several unique and exciting ways. The wonderful experience of experiencing new cultures and backgrounds across various locations is a perfect excuse to travel to your favorite location. So pack your bags and set off to your dream destination to enjoy the festivities of the New Year.

The New Year’s Eve

People enjoy the festivities late on the New Year’s eve until wee hours on New Year’s day in almost every location across the globe. So whether you wish to indulge in the celebrations at New York City’s Times Square or in London’s Trafalgar Square, you would be greeted with happy, cheerful, and a bustling crowd around who are always in high spirits.

Best Places to enjoy the festivities of New Year

  1. The US

One of the classic celebrations in the USA takes place in the city of New York. The festivities are unique right from the ball drop in Times Square to special international multi-cuisine buffets prepared exclusively from the best celebrity chefs in the city. Be a part of the traditional celebrations which include taking a toast with a glass of champagne and creating ripples with a loud countdown at midnight with your friends and loved ones. There are several themed and wild parties thrown at many locations in the US which continue till wee hours in the morning. Some of the best locations to celebrate the new year in the US are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, California, Miami beach, Sacramento, and much more. Browse for various locations in the city to enjoy a scrumptious brunch on the New Year served in major restaurants in various cities of the US.

Statue of Liberty USA

Experience the best of the USA

  1. The UK

The UK follow the Georgian calendar which began officially from the year 1752 onwards. The people here in the UK eagerly await to be part of the new year festivities and celebrations. There is cheerfulness, grandeur, and festivities all around. There are several tourists who wish to indulge in celebrations which are one of its kind. There are gatherings, dancing, and cheering as people raise a toast and exchange hugs during the initial moments of the New Year. The streets and the buildings in every town and city are illuminated with colorful and vibrant lights. The UK is also home to luxurious parties being thrown at every corner. Apart from the vivid celebrations, there are also live shows, theme parties, salsa dance, and several music concerts in many locations. Contact your tour operator today and ask him for a delightful UK holiday package this new year and be a part of the wonderful festivities.

London Eye

London is beyond beautiful

  1. Singapore

There are several options and activities to indulge in when you are celebrating occasions in Singapore. Visit the cheerful and spectacular fireworks at Siloso beach, Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, and many other locations in Singapore. There are themed and beach parties at the beach. Several riverside restaurants offer huge discounts and deals on New Year’s Eve to attract more customers. The Siloso beach party is an all exclusive adult party which makes it a must visit place. The Siloso beach is home to a big foam pool, dances on the dance floor on several international beats, and much more. Other beach locations to enjoy a spectacular New Year in Singapore include the Tanjong beach. The new year is welcomed across the city with pomp, glamor, grandeur, and an amazing fireworks display as the clock strikes 12.

Singapore Merlion

Singapore- Visit stunning arrays of attractions

  1. Australia

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a lot of pomp and glamor in Australia. Celebrations include music, entertainment, live concerts, and parades. Many of the entertainment shows organized by the public invite local & international celebrities as their guest of honor to make the occasion even more special. There are special theme parties held in various Australian cities. Prizes are distributed for the best-dressed outfits at these events. Apart from these, there are special boat cruises, beaches, and urban parklands where you can host special parties for New Year’s eve with your loved ones. Public countdown to the New Year at midnight occurs in large cities such as Sydney which are even broadcasted on television and the internet. Grand fireworks are launched at these places at the stroke of midnight and people toast their glasses and hug, shake hands or kiss each other to celebrate the special occasion.

Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Sydney beautiful curve house – opera house and harbour bridge

  1. UAE

New Year celebrations in UAE are always exciting and special. With plenty of places to explore and wonderful things and activities to indulge in, UAE offers you a priceless experience during the festive New Year season. Dubai is home to probably the largest fireworks display as the clock strikes midnight. The most memorable ones at launched at the iconic Burj Khalifa, the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, and the Palm Jumeirah. You can visit these places personally or even see the magnificent fireworks on your television or on the internet. Apart from these you can indulge in special New Year packages on a boat cruise, desert safari, or be a part of the wild private parties held in various parts of the city. You can also indulge in shopping of clothing & accessories, jewelry like gold and other precious stones, artwork & craft, antiques, spices, textiles, etc. The prices would vary depending on the place you are purchasing from. Bargaining is considered a norm at the souks, so you can indulge in it without any hesitation.

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Other unique New Year customs & traditions

  1. Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated in different parts of the world due to the immense Chinese population that resides around the globe. This occasion comes in the month of late January or early February. This day is a new year where the Chinese population is a majority, especially in Southeast Asia. As a part of the celebrations, people indulge in feasting, glowing lanterns, dragon dances, fireworks, and much more. Chinese kids dress up in new clothes. People also carry lanterns and join in a big parade which is led by a silk dragon, considered a symbol of strength in Chinese. The fireworks are lighted mainly to keep the dragon away.

  1. Jewish New Year

The Jewish New Year is referred as Rosh Hashanah and it is held in the month of September, not on December 31st. The celebrations are hosted over a period of two days which is a holiday. Families celebrate this wonderful tradition with food and prayer with their loved ones. One of the key traditions followed is a slice of apple being dipped in honey and then served.


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