Are you ready for these mishaps while travelling?

The life of a traveler is full of excitement, adventure, exploration and new encounters. But if you have been a traveler you also know, that not every travel is perfect. No matter how planned you are, travels can sometimes be a scary adventure and can have encounters you don’t really enjoy. A perfect and detailed planning always averts many mishaps, but still some mishaps can happen even to the most cautious ones.

Losing Passport while on a trip

Losing Passport while on a trip

This can be a hell of a nightmare. It’s your entry pass not only to your home, but also a valid identity for the country you are staying in presently. Every traveler keeps such important documents under close watch, but as we say “error is human”, it can get lost. Losing a passport can mean a hit on your travel wallet, schedule, patience and time. But losing your passport does not mean you’ll end up in jail. As a prepared and well informed traveler you should do the following:

Precautionary preparations before the trip:

  • Mail the scanned copy of your passport and tickets to yourself before the start of the trip.
  • Keep the numbers of your loved ones handy and give your account number to any of your family member in case you need money during the trip.
  • Avoid carrying important documents like a passport for sightseeing. Instead, keep it safe with your luggage at the hotel.
  • Carry any other photo Id proof (driving license etc) and extra colored passport size photos.

Here’s what you should do:
Without panicking, find the nearest cyber café and take a color print out of your tickets and passport. File a police complaint at the nearest police station and visit your embassy with your passport copy, copy of your police complaint and tickets. These documents will expedite your process of issuance of a temporary passport. While issuance of a temporary passport can take up to two weeks, you can contact your family and get some money for the proceedings through a wire transfer.

Robbed while on a trip

Robbed while on a trip
Money can be a big lure for muggers. While you feel that currency is required to ensure you have a smooth trip, this can be the very reason for you to get mugged. Muggers usually target people with wrong and lousy body language. When in the foreign place and unknown land, you can’t be too casual, nor too naïve to be over- friendly with strangers. To help yourself from an unfortunate but very common travel mishap, take care of the following:

Precautionary preparations before the trip:

  • Take only the required money for sightseeing and keep the rest at the hotel.
  • Divide your money in compartments (waist pouch, backpack, front pocket and even socks)
  • Buy a forex card for larger expenses instead of your credit card
  • Keep emergency police numbers of that particular country handy with you.
  • Start using plastic money instead of cash
  • Avoid lonely places, especially at night

Here’s what you should do:
If you have followed the precautions and you get mugged, you won’t really have a lot to worry. Firstly, find the nearest Wi-Fi zone or a cyber café and block all your cards, if stolen, using your net banking. Once your cards are blocked, visit the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. Keep the complaint copy with you (it may come in handy for your insurance or travel claims). Contact your travel insurance company (don’t even think of venturing on a trip, especially international, without having a travel insurance plan) and let them know about the mishap. While you might not get your valuables back, it would give you a good feeling to know that you can get a reimbursement.

The airline loses your luggage

airline loses your luggage
You are all excited for this great trip ahead and waiting for your luggage to arrive at the baggage carousel, but to your horror, everyone’s baggage arrives, except yours. Losing your luggage is like your worst nightmares coming true. For no fault of yours, your trip can be brought to a sudden halt. Let’s accept there’s nothing much you can do about it and you will have to turn back in most cases. But with some precautionary planning you can have a more stable mindset, and might even want to go ahead with the trip.

Precautionary preparations before the trip:

  • Try to travel light and not packed with luggage. If you give travelling light a serious thought, you would realize how little things you actually need, most of which can come in a single backpack.
  • Do not keep items like jewels, heirlooms, money and other valuables in your luggage. Mostly, these include the list of items for which airlines won’t be reimbursing you.
  • Buy a supplemental baggage insurance coverage, if possible, for additional safety.
  • Take a picture of your luggage bag before venturing on the trip.

Here’s what you should do:
Again, don’t panic! Immediately contact your airline counter and fill the lost baggage claim form. It is a very important formality. Make sure you do not leave the airport premises without filling the claim form. Also, do not hesitate, and escalate the matter to the highest authority of the airlines. Use your internet and social media skills and make sure higher authorities are aware of your plight. Attaching a picture of your lost luggage will help the authorities to reunite you with your bag faster. Sometimes, the luggage is not lost, but goes missing and mostly, arrives by another flight. If that’s your case, you would get your bag back within a day itself. Most airlines have a limit of reimbursing your baggage value, in case it gets lost. Make sure you read it before you pack your luggage.

Travel is always fun and adventurous, when planned properly and with all the necessary safety measures taken care off. Make sure your travel is exciting in a good way and leaves you with only cherished memories.


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