Tips for Solo Female Traveler

Many warn you, being a woman, traveling alone can be a scaremongering experience. But, in my opinion, a woman deserves a huge pat on her back for her innovative urge and passion to explore the world on her own. Are you one among those who’ve joined the bandwagon of daring, norm-defying women longing to globetrot alone? You’ll be, quite evidently, an adventurous yet strong person within, and all you might probably require is a couple of tips to ensure that it wouldn’t turn out to be an awful experience. Consider these five ‘Ps’ when you decide to travel alone.

female traveller

  • Plan Ahead
    No matter how exploratory or courageous you’re, don’t sidestep the importance of planning in advance where to stay, dine, and how to move around in your preferred vacation spot. Be sure to book a quality accommodation in advance in order to avoid any kind of adverse circumstance like being stranded in a place without a proper shelter. Rely on internet or turn to reliable sources to make an informed decision on your upcoming travel. Probably the best remedy is to seek the advice of an expert tours and travel company who will put together your unique traveling needs into a perfect package with accommodation, sightseeing tours, car transfers, and must-dos in the place.
  • Pack Light
    This is a wise norm that a lone traveler should necessarily stick by. Imagine a situation when your stomach churns and you’ve to retreat to a washroom with no one outside to take care of your luggage. This is one among the lot such situations that you may have to encounter during your travel. So pack light with only your travel essentials, and it would definitely make a distinction between a hassle-free escape and a vacation from hell.

  • Put Technology to Maximum Use
    A smorgasbord of apps stuffed in your smart phone itself is enough to guide you through the maze of traveling alone. Yelp, for example, provides advice and feedbacks from real users, which alternatively helps you to decide where to dine or seek urgent medical aid. Likewise, take advantage of apps like Word Lens to translate the words to your preferred language. There are many such apps which you can utilize for your intended travel, and Google Earth, XE, Wi-Fi Finder, and Postman are just a few to name.
  • Practice Language
    Knowing the local language, at least a few words or key phrases, can be of great use in times of emergencies. Who knows what form does a savior take? Maybe, it is in the form of a few words. So firmly grip your language book when you’re out for an adventure travel.
  • Precaution Counts
    Employing a powerful combination of prudence and precaution will help you to tackle even the most intricate of unfortunate circumstances. From politely turning down the food offered by co-passengers and avoid talking to strangers to dressing modestly and respecting the local customs, you can easily keep at a bay the incidence of a regrettable situation. Moreover, make it a point to communicate with your dear ones back in your place at least once in a day.

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