Tips for Harmonious Cross-Generational Getaway

Planning an escape with a group consisting of people of different age groups can be quite a daunting task. Here are some tips to make your multi generational vacation exciting and enjoyable.

Cross Generational Getaway

Choose a holiday package that has something for everyone

Regardless of the part of the year you’re traveling, make sure that you’ve chosen an all-inclusive holiday package that provides a plenty of options to cater to all age groups. Not only does it removes the hassles of cooking meals and looking after the kids, but also provide a plenty of options on hand for parents and grandparents to unwind and have fun.

Involve your parents and kids in planning your perfect holiday

This is perhaps the most important thing that should be taken into note when you plan for an escape with your extended family. The concept of ideal getaway can differ from one person to another, and thus creating an agenda and pushing everyone to follow may spoil the joy and thrill of your vacation. Albeit the difficulty, knowing the unique preferences of kids, adults and grandparents beforehand will help you to craft an itinerary that caters to each of the members in the group. Likewise, it is vital to plan activities without disturbing your group’s normal routine. For instance, tots will be most active in the morning while teens prefer to wake up late in the morning. Moreover, grandparents, at most, feel energetic during the daytime. Apparently, it is best to schedule things to see and do in the afternoons or before the sun goes down. After all, doing a bit of legwork will certainly pay off, as it helps to incorporate everyone’s needs while aggravating a lot of stress during the trip.

Opt for suitable accommodation

From hotels and resorts to apartments and condos, options are aplenty when it comes to accommodation choices. A hotel may be apt, if you plan for a short vacation. On the other hand, for long stays, vacation rentals with multiple rooms are highly recommended. Similarly, for group seeking privacy, an ideal alternative is a condominium with separate dwelling units.

Plan your dining options ahead

Food is an indispensable part of any vacation. While all-encompassing trip caters to all of your dining needs, it’s better to opt for self-cooking options, especially when you plan to go for a long vacation, as there will be usually someone in the group who will be allergic to food or intolerant to certain ingredients like sugar, starch or gluten. Plus, preparing your own food provides the flexibility to plan mealtime systematically, with the added benefit that it enables you to cook your group’s favorite dishes.

Stay patient and enjoy your holidays at a slower pace

Eventually, when you embark on your holiday, it’s likely that every action may entail quite a lot time, particularly when you travel with older people and extremely small kids. So be patient and savor each moment at a slower pace. Further, comprise and cooperation are staple for any successful family escape. After all, small sacrifices make big differences and add to the utmost enjoyment of your holidays.


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