10 Essential Travel Tips – Every Traveller Should Know

A tour, let it be adventurous, leisure or honeymoon, can give you the expected thrill and pleasure only if you do some kind of legwork for its preparation, as a single wrong step can ruin the fun quotient of your trip. Planning for a great holiday? Here are a few necessary guidelines that help you to derive the best out of your dream travel.

Essential travel tips

10 Essential Travel Tips

1. As the first step, keep ready all your documents that are relevant for a hassle-free travel, such as flight ticket, passport, ID and significant membership card. Most countries entail visitors to have a valid passport to gain entry to their favorite holiday spot. However, there are also countries that permit entry with minimal documents like birth certificate or driver’s license.

2. No matter how meticulously you plan your holiday, it should not be necessarily a bed of roses and hence you cannot neglect the chances of the appearance of a bush of thorns in the path of your dream vacation. Make sure that you carry the contact details of your close friends, family and acquaintances. Also, be polite and friendly with locals, as they could be your source of rescue in an unfortunate situation.

3. Another top tip for an unperturbed journey is to pack light. From monetary savings and fudging of long queues at the airport to easy check in / check-out at the hotel and flexibility in moving from one point to another, traveling light provides a ton of benefits.

4. To tackle such adverse situations as missing of your important documents or credit cards or travel document, make it a point to maintain photocopies of all documents that you carry while traveling. Moreover, leave one copy at home.

5. During travel, money management is also of high priority. Due to the convenience and flexibility it offers, travelers mostly opt to carry credit cards, which – even so – is largely at the risk of theft or loss. As a word of caution, inform to your bank, financial adviser or credit card provider beforehand you get set for travel.

6. Factors such as long distance traveling, decadent dining choices and unfavorable climatic conditions can take a toll on our health. Besides sticking on to a healthy diet, be sure that you’ve in your travel bag health-guarding necessities like sanitizers, malaria-preventing nets, and first-aid kit with medications or prescription for flu, fever and allergies. Equally important is to have an understanding on the medical assistance available nearby your hotel.

7. A dash of research to know the local customs and laws will for sure pay off, as it would not only help you to avoid getting into troubles but also enable you to gain the respect of locals.

8. Instead of heavily relying on your smart phones, use a comprehensible map to trace a particular spot in your holiday destination. This will further help you to save your phone battery charge.

9. Be prepared to sleep anywhere. Carrying a good pair of ear plugs and sleeping mask will certainly be helpful to block out light and sound that may hinder your sleep.

10. Learning a few words or phrases, especially when you plan for a visit to a foreign destination, will prove helpful to make a query or seek advice to locals. Most of all, control your anger and remain calm and respectful throughout your trip.


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  2. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she maintains the image of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it.
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