Most Bizarre Festivals from Around the World

Quite obviously, festivals serve as portholes for tourists to take a peep into the fascinating customs as well as longstanding traditions of a particular place they’re visiting. While majority of them are reverencing and thought-provoking, some festivals that take place in certain parts of the world are bizarrely unusual, downright creepy or even uproarious. So let us have a look on some of the world’s such weird festivals.

1. San Fermin Festival

Tracing back its origin to the Middle Ages, this is a deep-rooted fiesta celebrated annually from July 6th Pamplona to venerate Saint Fermin – a Catholic saint. Aside from a wide assortment of folkloric events, the week-long gala’s focal point is incredibly perilous and vicious Great Bull Run, wherein six bulls hound locals and tourists down
the Pamplona’s narrow streets. Though this event lasts for only a few minutes, it’s quite frantic to see hundreds of overactive people running to escape from a flock of fuming bovines.Spain Running of the Bulls Continue reading